10 Must-Have House Cleaning Tools and Equipment

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Keeping hour house clean is one of the best ways to improve your and your family’s wellness. It may be a demanding and challenging task for you, however cleaning is also the best intervention to maintain both mental and physical well-being. Besides having a clean and organized home is a beautiful home, and we all love having beautiful home, don’t we? Being organize in your home helps you to focus more on the qualities of your household.

When it comes to house cleaning having the right supplies and equipment make all the difference in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. These cleaning tools and equipment are very essential that every household should have, they are the bare necessities especially when you’ve got kids an pets you may need more specialized equipment in your home.

10 Must-Have Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Microfiber Cloth

You need to discover the cleaning power of microfiber cloth. This cloth is mostly made of polyester, and they leave no bits of thread behind, unlike cotton. They are usually knitted and very soft and can be used on relatively soft surfaces such as paint or wood. Just make sure that the clothes are not attached to a small piece of grit that can cause a scratch.

Dusting Kit with Extension

With one of these handy cleaning tools, you can reach the tops of the ceiling fans in your home regardless of your height. This can make short work of such tasks along with cleaning your walls, high ceiling, chandeliers, light fixtures and even the top of our kitchen cupboards.


This can give your floor a thorough cleaning after sweeping. It works on both soft and hard surfaces in your home, such as carpets, floors and upholstery. This is really a great equipment to suck all the pieces of dirt and crumbs and pet hair off of your upholstery, couches, beds, seat cushions and best for carpet cleaning, and it also helps freshen your mattress.


This helps you to keep your windows clean and streak-free, this is very effective in getting rid of smudges, marks and build ups in your windows and mirrors as well. It also keeps your shower clean so that the soap scum will not build up.

Lint Roller

This is an excellent tool in removing pet hair or any hair scattered all over your home, especially from any fabric or clothing. Lint Roller is also a great tool for cleaning other things around your home, it can be used to brush away crumbs litter on the floor, and dust off your upholstery in a non-stressful way. You can also run over a lint roller on your lampshade to get rid of those dust particles.

Dust Mop

This tool can definitely help clean your floor. This can work on hardwood floors, tile, marble, vinyl and laminated floors as well. If you want to clean your grout thoroughly, might as well get a steam mop. It’s a great equipment to help clean your grout and tile at the same time.

Rubber Gloves

You need to protect your hands from all this cleaning activity, so you must use rubber gloves while doing household chores most especially if you have a sensitive skin and when you are using acid-based cleaners.

Spray Bottle

This is would be very useful for you and a must-have on your basic home cleaning tools. Using spray bottle is very handy in cleaning high places in your home and it becomes a good assistance for you too. Spray bottle can also let you make and store your home-made cleaning products and can be very useful in misting your clothes before ironing them.

Scrub Brush

This brush is a multi-purpose cleaning tool that is definitely a must-have in every household. It is used to scrub out tough and thick dirt and stain. The bristles of this brush is the best part for cleaning different places, from the flooring, kitchen ware and even in fabrics.

Scrubby Sponges

This is a must-have for your kitchen and bathroom. You can use this in two ways; the scrubby side helps you to clean tough stains while the sponge side is used to most clean ups, in your sink, toilet bowl and the like. The sponge absorbs water and becomes soft when wet while it maintains its toughness and do the cleaning. Sponges come in different sizes, shapes and thickness. Usually we use sponge in washing the dishes but this can be also utilize to clean other appliances that are waterproof such as windows, mirrors and other glass wares. You can also use sponge in cleaning your car.

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