Top 3 places to visit in Washington state

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Planning to visit the Evergreen State? There are tons of reasons to love Washington, and once you have all that information, you’ll be eager to visit this state. The next thing you know, you are already considering moving in.

Washington is the only U.S. state that was named after a president, which is President George Washington, the first president of the United States. Washington is the 18th largest state; with a land mass of 71,299 square miles and the 13th most populous state with more than 7.66 million people in the current year based on the statistics.

Here are some of the fun-facts about Washington State:

1.     Washington is number one when it comes to being green, that’s the reason it was dubbed as the “Evergreen State”

2.     Washington is the state that produces the most apples out of all 50 states. Who would have thought that Washington produces this much despite New York creating the label as “The Big Apple”.

3.     If you’re looking for wild horses in Washington, you’ll find up to 12,000 of them roaming the Yakima Indian Reservation.

4.     Here, you’ll find the most number of bald eagles out of anywhere else in the United States.

5.     Seattle is not actually the state capitol. It’s Olympia; Native Americans who once inhabited the area called it “The Black Bear Place”.

6.     Washington beats California and Florida for having the longest continuous beach in the United States in Long Beach Peninsula.

7.     The state fossil is the Columbian Mammoth

8.     The highest place in Washington is Mt. Rainier, which is 14,410 feet above sea level.

9.     Though Washington is not the rainiest state in America, it does get an average of 38.15 inches of rainfall a year.

10.   Washington is the only state to be named after a president.

What do people love about this state? A lot, most of the people will surely say. Here are reasons to love about Washington.

So let me tick off the best three places to visit in Washington.


Obviously, Seattle! The energetic and picturesque Seattle has such a limitless variety of attractions. Seattle is known to be the major cultural hub of the region, and those looking for realistic adventure, day trips and weekend getaway will certainly love this place.


When you are in Seattle you need some prioritization, to make the most of every minute visiting the place. If you want some breath-taking views to brighten and lighten your day, begin your visit at the Sky View Observatory, or the very famous Space Needle, these two offers a spectacular views of the city specially at night, and the surrounding islands and mountains too!

One of Seattle’s greatest treasures, where the collections and exhibits are displayed is the Chihuly Garden and Glass, if you love arts and galleries, you would definitely not miss this out. Tourists admire the works in the Glasshouse where the installation's colors and appearance change with the moving sunlight above. In the garden, guests will find his work shown within a natural environment that enhances the flow and depth of the glass. 

If you are fond of going to the market to buy food, or just go on a market tour – Pike Place Market is one of the suggested places to be! The historic nine-acre shopping haven also includes crafts market that features 225 local and regional creators. This market has two floors and vendors offer a wide range of wares for sale. Seafood, fruits, and veggies and all sorts of other goodies are up for grabs in this market. The food choices here are abundant! There are more than 200 proprietor-operated shops that range from antiques and collectibles to bookstores and quirky specialty shops. 

Are you a park lover? Loves to walk or just sit and relax? You probably should visit The Olympic Sculpture Park. This park is free and open to the public, located at the edge of Elliott Bay. To name a few of the park’s exceptional sculptures are the Eye Benches and a glass bridge titled Seattle Cloud Cover. The park is maintained by the Seattle Art Museum which is located one mile away from the park. The museum's collections include artwork from around the globe and across millennia, as well as an extensive gallery dedicated to the art of Native Americans in the northwest.

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This city in the state of Washington is located in the heart of the Inland Northwest and is the second most populous city in Washington. The Spokane River runs through the city and beautiful Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, covering over 100 acres and encompassing the sensational Spokane Falls. This city is known as the birthplace of Father’s Day, Spokane’s official nickname is “Lilac City”. A pink, double flower lilac variety known as 'Syringa Spokane' is named for the city. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you are most likely to appreciate and love this city. A variety of thrilling outdoor activities are ski resorts, white-water rafting, camping areas, hiking trails, lakes, and the Centennial trail. You can be fond of visiting all the park crowd-pleaser on foot or get a great aerial view from the Spokane Falls Skyride. This city is great for nature lovers as they can enjoy spectacular display of trees and shrubs, even visit Manito Park which holds a conservatory filled with tropical plants in the center of alluring landscaped gardens.

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The 5th largest city in Washington located across Lake Washington from Seattle. Without being affected by not always being the first city connected with King County it continues to be a staple of Pacific Northwest culture. Bellevue has a great deal for you and your whole family, you can go hop and shop, have an exquisite dining experience or a children’s museum. This city also offers beautiful scenery and lavish outdoor space that makes it rich with natural and urban resources for you to explore throughout your visit.

To name a few of the most top rated attractions in Bellevue are:

Bellevue Downtown Park – A central open space, the park continues to be an essential part of the Bellevue community. This place has hosted a huge number of community events such as – the annual Fourth of July fireworks display and a summer series of outdoor movies. And it's also a stellar spot for a picnic overlooking the downtown skyline and distant Mount Rainier.

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Bellevue Botanical Garden – Dubbed as the “Urban Oasis for Bellevue”, this 53 acre sanctuary is located on Main Street, and this inner city display of botanical beauty is open daily from sunset to sundown. It also offers the locals and tourists the moment to explore native plant species and gain an understanding a bit more about their environment. The garden area encompasses display of gardens, woodland trails, meadows and natural wetlands.

Bellevue Arts Museum - If you are an art junkie, you’ll definitely love the “BAM”, the Bellevue Arts Museum is the home of impressive display of arts and design from regional artists and international movement makers. The museum is located in the vibrant streets of the Bellevue downtown district, just a few blocks away from the Downtown Park. Visiting this museum is a must when you are in Washington, as it provides rotating exhibits that displays masterful art pieces that your eyes will hold in esteem.

Here are list of places to visit and the things to do in Bellevue.

Above all the aforementioned places, which of the three wonderful places in Washington should you wish to visit? Perhaps, you may be thinking of moving in the city, why not? Washington state is indeed an exceptional place to live in after all.

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