House Cleaning Tips

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Love seeing your house neat and clean? You probably wonder how "clean "people do so if you're among the population struggling to keep an orderly home.

I believe that your home manifests your inner experience externally–a reflection of yourself. Look around your place. Look around your home. Have you ever thought and internalize while sitting in your couch and sipping your coffee on how your surroundings says about you? Your beautiful home basically tells your story, what you like to do, how you feel and with whom you spend time your precious time with.

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Our house reflects our personality. It radiates the need for order and space, for each of us to go and have our time alone to reflect. We are a family of people today who embrace time and space alone, except for our dogs that basically are our best companion. Having a home that is light, roomy and furnished in a relaxed manner is all we ever wanted, don’t we?

Whether or not we are aware of this, our homes are one of the few places to express ourselves creatively. For an instance, if you're happy and satisfied, then you can consider buying fresh flowers and open windows to decorate your house with brighter colors to allow fresh air and sun.

On average, Americans spend almost 40 minutes per day cleaning up their homes. And most people are probably inclined to use this time for more relaxing activities except for those who really enjoys dusting dry walls or vents and scrubbing their ovens.

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You can save your time and even weekends by following these tips to keep a clean house! Who does not want to relax, have fun on Saturday and not scrub floors and clean the bathrooms? Is brunch on Sunday and an afternoon nap better than washing, dusting or scrubbing? I definitely believe so, and that's why I share these tips to keep your house clean–so you can also enjoy your free time!

1.      Use Wax Paper to make you sink fixtures sparkly!

Sinks are one of the most dirty spots in the home. And the constant wear and tear on our sinks usually means that, even after disinfection, the sinks are less than clean. Allow your sink to be brand new! All you need to do is, polish these faucets and tap handles with some wax paper after cleansing with anti-bacterial cleansers. It not only helps to remove spots of water, but also helps to prevent future stains.

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2.   Clean Your Oven Glass Without Harsh Chemicals.

Do not panic if your microwave looks unhealthy, after too many food explosions–it can be freely cleaned in a jiffy. Just put in the microwave for a minute or two, a warm cup of water with half a lemon and its juice. Leave the mixture in the microwave closed for 5 minutes to make the steam work and then wipe the microwave inside. Your whole kitchen is going to leave the lemon to scent clean and fresh!

3.   Keep Your Washer Smelling Fresh With Bleach

While many of us believe that our washing machines are self-cleaning, that's not true. Indeed, 60% of the washing machines tested contained harmful bacteria, including E.Coli. Needless to say, by combining hot water and one quarter of bleach, you can easily dip the bacteria in your washer and choose sanitary conditions. So say goodbye to you funky-smelling clothes!

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4.   Disinfect Your Sponges in the Microwave

Perhaps there is a feeling that you are constantly purchasing new packages of bathroom and kitchen cleaning sponges, and the cost not just goes up, but the environment is not good at casting dirty ones away. For the bacteria to be killed, get more use from cleaning sponges by providing a fast one or two-minute explosion in a high setting on the microwave.

5.   Use baby oil to remove fingerprints from stainless steel

Baby oil is a whiz in lifting grate, not just for smoothing and soothing skin. If you grubby with your finger marks in the hood of your cooker, or in other stainless steel appliances, pop a tiny amount of baby oil in a clean, microfiber cloth and wipe it.

6.   Sweep Your Baseboards With a Dryer Sheet

Cleaning the baseboards is anything but pleasant to hold your hands and tippy toes. You can clean them up and keep your house fragrant, fresh with one clever trick: place a microfiber, place a dryer plate on your Swiffer and collect all the undesirable dust while you give your home a sweet scent.

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7.   Clean Your Shower Head With Some Vinegar

Your bathroom's spotty shower head is as gross as it looks. To get rid of this, all you need to have is a sandwich bag, or a small plastic bag, vinegar and a rubber band. Place your shower head into the solution overnight and fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar and put a rubber around the bag. You ought to have a dirt and grim free shower head in the morning.

8.   Out with the Traditional Mop

Toss your conventional mop in favor of a microfiber duster and in no time will you clean up your home and make you less contaminated. Single-use pad microfiber mops are the ideal tools to keep your home cleaner. So when you have finished vacuuming, use your floors, surfaces and even electronics easily — without your hands getting dirty— with a bit of cleaner on a microfiber pad.

9.   Use toothpaste to defog mirrors

If you feel annoyed when you can't see yourself in a foggy mirror after a hot bath or shower, the answer might be toothpaste! Rub the bathroom mirror with toothpaste and wipe the mirror with a clean dry cloth before the showering and presto, you now have a mist-free mirror!

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10. Clean Blinds With Your Vacuum

Cleaning blinds is often an unhappy task, and it takes more time than expected. Instead, use the taper attachment on your vacuum to make it easier and faster, and that dust is done in seconds. Alternatively, you can also wash them away and give your house a clean aroma by putting a dryer sheet and a swipe into a pair of tongs.

There are numerous ways on how to keep you home clean, a lot of house cleaning hacks to take note of. The house can remain clean by continuing to develop the following tips and habits and you can save yourself some work.

Sabrina Nalo