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Looking for the nearest beach in Seattle’s neighborhood? Alki beach got you all covered.

The closest beach to Seattle is a riff in the Pacific Northwest on Southern California’s popular beaches. Along this stretch of two-mile beach, there are numerous volleyball courts, extensive tide pools and a few restaurants, bars, and cafes, perfect for visiting any time of the day.

It has been interrupted by massive trees of driftwood, streaks of seaweed at the high tide. The majority of visitors to Seattle are surprised to learn that there is a beach, much less one in the city centre.

The area lies close to Alki Beach and West Seattle's north-western edge. It is about bounded to the west and north by Elliott Bay; Schmitz Preserve Park to the east; and it runs to the south on the Jacobsen Road in the southwest.

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A historical landmark, constructed in 1913 which still operates today, is Alki Point Lighthouse. Although the property is not open to the public, it can be viewed on the prism on summer weekend afternoons. It offers the tourist the feeling of an authentic town on the beach and contributes to the picturesque as a whole despite its normal inaccessibility.

Alki Beach is the original destination for settlers who have founded the city of Seattle and there are many places for historical and cultural enthusiasts along the beach. A fully operational Coast Guard lighthouse, the Alki Point Lighthouse offers free public tours during summer weekends.

Farther east on the beach, the first settlers who actually arrived at Seattle are commemorated by a large monolith along with additional plaques for the local First Nations, the wives of settlers and other important sections of Seattle's history.

And also, about halfway across the section of Alki Beach Park is a six-foot high statue of liberty. The Statue was recreated in 2007 as an occasional meeting place, for example in September 2001 in solidarity with the City of New York. The statue is a visual reminder of the continued commitment of Seattle to the city of freedom, freedom and openness.

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Alki Beach is Alki Point's main tourist attraction. It offers sand, saltwater, bungalows, and unique restaurants in the area. In general, the cold waters of Puget Sound are not a popular swimming beach. It has amazing views to Seattle from every point of the Olympic Mountains and the city centre. Alki Beach is also a place where people can watch or sunbathe and it gives people a casual atmosphere to gather and hang out.

For wheelchair users and roller skaters access is provided. Alki Beach is crowded during summer months, especially on weekends. Alki Beach is also well known for its quad bike and walkway that offers panoramic views of nearby Blake Island. The miniature Statue of the Liberty, the iconic Lighthouse and Alki Point, and Seattle's Birthplace, include tourist attractions.

Many people are considering moving in to this neighborhood mainly because during summer, Alki’s laid out, beach-town atmosphere, draws many beachgoers, but remains silent and quiet most of the year. One of Alki's most popular restaurants includes burger joints, chowder houses, and high-end seafood restaurants.

Outdoor Activities

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Alki Beach is a great place in Seattle on a sunny day. Families flock to the beach during the low tide to take time to explore the tide pools that arise when the water retreats in Puget Sound, and often they share the beach with unhappy seagulls and crowds looking for some mussels or crabs between rocky formations.

Cyclists, riders, skateboarders and roller bladers can benefit from a flat, well-kept path and sidewalk approximately 2.5 kilometers long alongside the beach. It's also common to see Seattleites in beach chairs and towels sunbathing during pleasant weather, while other people catch kayaks and paddle-boards available for rent. There are also several beach volleyball networks available for public use and first-come, first-served grills and fireplaces are also available.

Alki Beach also offers extensive choices of food and beverages. The beaches are mainly located along the stretch of Alki Beach Park while Alki Beach extends from Duwamish to Alki Point Lighthouse. There are a variety of cuisines and dining options throughout the day to choose from in this area. There are two main diners to the Far East: Salty's in Alki with a fantastic view over the city and delicious food, Marination Ma Kai serving Hawaiian and Pacific dishes at an informal eatery.

In the early morning you should visit Top Pot Doughnuts, before exploring the area you must enjoy Seattle Seahawks doughnut and Ovaltine latte. Another casual, everyday site with the reputation of delicious freshly cooked cinnamon rolls is Ampersand Café. Of course, Starbucks are also in the area for those who are looking for an alternative' local' coffee chain. The options for lunch are just as casual. Blue Moon Burgers, a fast-food chain of burgers in the car garage, is great for a quick bite to rent a bicycle on the beach track.

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Another well-known Seattle restaurant, Duke's Chowder House, offers water views and warm chowder on a gray Seattle day like their South Lake Union restaurant. Lastly, Spud Fish & Chips is the original Seattle fast-food restaurant and has a walk-up counter.

Also it's a good choice to have a dinner at one of the restaurants along the seafront at Alki beach. Cactus is located on Alki Beach at its popular Seattle-Mexican restaurant, and open the windows for a cool day. Phoenecia is cozy, Mediterranean tapas, and wine spot that makes it easy to forget that you are only a few kilometers away from Seattle.

Finally, the West Seattle Brewing Company continues the famous tradition of craft beer, coupled with pizza, wraps and salads Seattle has and in warm weather months, they also offer morning yoga sessions on their patio.


How to get to Alki Beach from Seattle

There are two ways from downtown Seattle to easily reach Alki Beach. You can drive easily across the West Seattle Bridge from a car and take the Harbour Avenue exit to take a cruise along the beach side road. Harbor Avenue is bordered by parking facilities and other services close to the beach.

Locals know better than risking traffic and parking stress, so they choose to catch waters of the West Seattle from their dock near the downtown Seattle Ferry Terminal. You can take a 15-minutes boat ride from the eastern end of Alki Beach, and access to the restaurants and beach facilities is a flat, manageable walk away.

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Sabrina Nalo