Simple Tips for Move Out Cleaning in Seattle

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Moving into or out of your home is a sign of a thrilling life transition, but it can be very stressful. There is so much to do, from packaging to decorating your new home and everything in between. One of the most difficult tasks is to clean the previous or new house for sale or for the big day.


It is always the right idea to clean your home if you are moving out, to make it completely clean for the new inhabitants, or to guarantee that your deposit is returned. If you put the house on the market and need it spotlessly clean in photos and open houses, it is absolutely important that you clean the house. Whatever the reason is, your previous home should be as clean or even cleaner the time you moved in. It will definitely give an impression to the new residents.


The joy of moving to a new house is not unforgettable, nor is a bitter memory of saying goodbye to an old home. It needs to be done and it's not a walk in the park to move out. However, this move out cleaning tips can make it easier for any homeowners. The cleaning of the place is important for owners who give up the lease or planning on putting it on the market.


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So here's a checklist of things to remember when you prepare your home for the new residents.

Organizing and Packing

Of course you have to pack it all up, make sure that your boxes are stable and that they do not crumple when stacked. Having good boxes is a must; it ensures that your stuff won’t get ruined. If you've already started moving boxes to the new location, good for you, because the smaller and lesser things you have, it will be easier for you to clean.

If you plan to load the moving truck on the day of the move out, here are few suggestions for you. Try to allocate one room to store packaged boxes in order to clean the empty rooms first. Even if this means that you must clean one room each day, it will be totally not exhausting to think that you need to clean the whole house in one day.

Some other tips for packing:

·         For padding and wrapping fragile items, use newspaper.

·         Use packaging tape. Duct tape and other varieties don’t stick as well to cardboard.

·         Label your boxes on the sides or on the top of the boxes. If you still have time, you can do color coding for you to easily figure out which boxes to open first and which boxes are not to open immediately.

·         Make sure to wash your clothes well, before you pack them. Wet or damp clothes lead to odor and possibly can build a mold when stored in dark, enclosed spaces. Make sure all is clean and dry.


Figure out which cleaning supplies you are going to keep

Like everything else, it's a great chance to get rid of things. Over the years, a lot of products have accumulated in your cleaning closet or utility room. If you're not doing your final cleaning before you move, you are probably unlikely to use it as a good thumb rule. Throw it out, give it out, or you could give it to a friend. Read more of some must-have essential cleaning kit.


Remove Ceiling Dust and Cobwebs

If you don't have a long-handled broom, tie an old t-shirt over your mop and use it to remove cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling, and then wipe off all of the ceiling for dust removal.


Clean the Walls

If you don't have a long-handled broom, tie an old t-shirt over your mop and use it to remove cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling, and then wipe off all of the ceiling for dust removal. For the cleaning of your walls, use the same contraction you made to dust your ceiling. Start from the top and wipe from the top to the bottom. Rub off stains with a clean, damp cloth, if your finish or wallpaper permits. Although it's not evident that there are stains, wipe the walls with a damp cloth and will definitely provide more life and cleaner appearances.


Time to Sweep and Mop

Now it's time to clean up and sweep the room with all the dirt and dust that comes off the ceiling and the walls on the floors. Keep the windows in the room slightly open before starting to dry and close other windows, since the cross ventilation could blow dust and dirt from the other rooms into the cleaned room.


Clean the Bathroom and Kitchen

Every area in your kitchen and bathroom will have to be well scrubbed to make them appear presentable. This should be the last area in your home that needs to be cleaned, as people will probably go in and out of them until all packages are finished. You can of course hire cleaners to do the work and  look after your removal cleaning and have your place looking spotless before you show them to potential buyers or return it to the landlord if you have too much on the plate and gets exhausted with all of these cleaning.


Everything must be cleaned

Every little thing can be hard to remember. It's not only exhausting, but you might be losing at some point if a job must be done or not. Here are some other checklists that can help you:

·         For the holes made by the nails and screws, you can still repair them. You would have to have to fill them with wall putty, and when it's dry, cover it with some paint. Read about more DIY tips to Fill Nail Holes.

·         Do your usual cleaning: sweeping, moping, vacuum, wiping off dust. Clean up all surfaces, including floors, counter-tops, walls, light fittings and baseboards. Almost every square inch accessible to your home should be wiped away.

·         In your kitchen, bathroom or patio areas, clean up the grout.

·         Remove the liners from the drawers.

·         Clean up the appliances inside your kitchen; the fridge, oven and the likes.


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You think you're all done cleaning your home? Well, it just can't look good; your home needs to smell good as well. Bad smell is an evident tip-off that your place isn't really deep clean. Baking soda is an excellent way to remove bad odor. Sprinkle some of them on your tapestry, let them sit and then vacuum it. Read more about odor-busting tips.


Yes, this may all sound really exhausting, but you have other options for move out cleaning. If you have a budget then you can always consider hiring Maid Service and let a professional cleaner do the work for you, as they are more experienced with move-out cleanings.


Sabrina Nalo