Cleaning Tips For Condo Move Out In Seattle

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Living in condominiums offers many features, one of the most appreciated, given the fact that condos are low in terms of maintenance compared with homes and apartments and their structured use of space often leads to less cleaning. Changes in living conditions or the will to invest can often cause people to move to another location.

By the time comes that you have to move out and decided to sell your condo or have it rented out, you are still required, and or rather you are obliged to have your unit cleaned out before moving out. You would not want the new owners to give you an impression right? Nobody wants to be in a place that was noticeably looks, feels, and smells immensely lived-in. Keeping your condo in tip-top show not only gives you an impression, but also allowing you to protect your investment and attract buyers or residents looking for their new condo to live in.

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However, there are particular areas to be deep cleaned and sort up whether you are moving in or moving out to a new place. With all the baggage that comes with moving, there are some areas that are often overlooked or forgotten.

Moving out is among the busiest days in one’s life. You need to pack all your stuff, organizing everything, disabling or activating services, sending or stopping mails and linking loose ends. It is very much important not to play down the move out cleaning process, as it needs to be done thoroughly more than your usual household cleaning routine and all of these requires a lot of energy and of course, time. The cleaning can be done by professional cleaners or if you are on a tight budget, you can do it by yourself.

Read through some of the list of cleaning task that are important and you need to consider when moving out of your condo.


If you love decorating you walls, then it’s time for you to clean them. Remove the stickers or any wall decorations. If you are having trouble removing those stickers, the best way to get rid of them is by using your hairdryer – yes, you read it right – hairdryer. It is an effective way to remove adhesives and sticker residues. Heat up the residues and scrape them carefully by using knife or a spatula. Make sure that the surface is not put under too much pressure or else you will damage the wall paint.


For cleaning the window frame, use warm water with washing liquid. The damaged paint on a matching color frame can be repaired. Additionally, regularly change the water during cleaning to avoid leaking traces of dirty water. You can also use your favorite all-purpose cleaner to spray the area of your window frames. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to work the debris loose while you vacuum the other frames. Use a cloth to remove the residue.

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A bendable duster is used for dusting the ceiling and light fans. For this, you ought not to have a ladder unless you actually have high ceilings. The shaft can be bended to fit any lights or fans. Before you clean the entire wall, first clean the more heavily stained areas. Start from top to bottom, and then work from one corner to another. After washing, dry the wall carefully and make sure there is no liquid between the wallpaper. With a clean soft white eraser, small stains can be cleaned. Melanin sponges are very useful, too, and they can clear almost every dirt from the cleaning walls. However, it is not suitable for polished, bright, lacquered and dark surfaces. Read here for some dusting hacks.


In cleaning the carpet, you can vacuum it or do a deep cleaning. For carpet deep cleaning, if possible shampoo your carpets using special cleaning agents. In this case, this is worth hiring professional carpet cleaners to do the work. But if you prefer to do by yourself, you need to consult a specialist to make sure you are using proper products and equipment, otherwise you will damage the carpet. Read here for the best carpet cleaning services in Seattle.


Continuing with floor care even if you are moving out will make the condominium floors less dreadful and will keep their best look. However, make sure that you do not over-mop the flooring like laminate or hardwood, as it tend to be distorted if we allow too much water left on the flooring. The ground under your own feet will be gross enough. You definitely want to clean away your footprints for the next occupants. Steam mops are a fast and easy way to clean hardwoods, tiles and laminates. Make sure it's damp rather than sopping, use a regular mop in hardwoods; and use a cleaner that works with the finish of the floor.


All wood works such as doors, frameworks, window sills, and the like can be cleaned with mild soapy water, whether painted or stained. Working from top to bottom is generally advisable. In that way, the dirt piled up will be gathered on the floor and you can sweep it off. Liquids can be used generously to prevent streaks. Make sure you finally completely dry everything. Using strong cleaning agents, carefully remove those stubborn stains and dirt. 



Remove drawers and any contact paper for the wardrobe first. Then clean the wardrobe using soapy water and let it dry. With white spirit or other diluents, remove all remaining adhesive residues. If you are smoking in the room, make sure to disinfect the room and open the windows. Once you have cleaned the drawer rails and drawers, you can put the drawers back again. Read here for more deep cleaning tips on your closet.


You would want the next user of your tub to enjoy and have some relaxing moment of a soak in the tub, so you need to disinfect away all the traces soaked in there. Use dish soap and a sponge to wipe out the bath for an easy cleaning hack, even if you need to list a cleaner to fight hard spots. But if you prefer to do it in a natural way, using baking soda, borax and kosher salt are equal parts that make a large cleaning scrub without the need for chemicals.


Almost all the surface you touch in your condo has been touched a thousand times. Spend time disinfecting everything you have touched on a daily basis. This includes anything with handle, like counter-tops, knobs, dials, buttons, locks and switch. Don’t forget to zap them with surface-disinfecting sprays! Read here for more tips on disinfecting your home naturally.

It is important to leave a property the exact same way you found it, so make sure to follow some of these tips on cleaning your condo, for the next occupant to be relaxed and enjoy their new place.

Sabrina Nalo