What Does Apartment Cleaning Services in Seattle Offers?

Most people living in Seattle are now renting. As of February 2019, the average renters in Seattle, WA are paying $1900 up to $2000 which is a 1.64% increase from last year. The average size of apartment in Seattle is 731 square feet, however this number changes depending of what type of apartment you are renting. The smallest and most low-cost are the Studio type apartments, 1-bedroom apartments are convenient and much closer to the average, whereas 2-bedroom and 3-bedrooms types are quite expensive as it is more extravagant when it comes to square footage, it is obviously much larger.

According to the different measures mentioned the cost of rent ranges from $1900 to $2000 for a studio and one bedroom apartments. You might be thinking of buying a condo or a house instead, well good luck on that as the homes in Seattle are no joke, you need to make at least $95,000 or more every year to afford the mortgage payments. People who are renting in Seattle are trying to make their cost of living not too expensive, they take everything into consideration. One of the things that renters consider is hiring a cleaning services every once in a while.

On a daily basis, lots of people don’t have much time to clean their apartments, due to busy work schedule, outside work activities, catching up with friends, spending time with family and many other reasons. With that, if it is within their budget, they tend to hire a professional apartment cleaning services to do the work for them.

So, what does apartment cleaning services offers to these renters? Hiring a professional cleaner for your apartment is one way to help maintain the cleanliness of your pad. Whatever the size of your apartment is, number of rooms that needs to be clean, they will make sure that your place is in good condition. Whether you want an occasional cleaning or a regular apartment cleaning, or you just move in or planning to move out, these professional cleaner will make a cleaning plan that best suits your living space and lifestyle. There are numbers of advantages to having a clean apartment and it wouldn’t hurt your pocket if you invest on something that would be beneficial for you, right?

When you hire apartment cleaning services, they will send out a professional cleaning lady to your place and will do dusting, sweeping and vacuuming. If you are worried about removing stains, cleaning the carpet, these cleaners got you covered. They know the best techniques for stain removal on any surfaces to keep your furniture and other appliances look clean and good. Cleaners also take care of your carpet to look fresh and clean and extend its life for several years.

Professional cleaners have enough supplies to handle all your home’s cleaning needs from top to bottom. They handle the toughest cleaning jobs and will leave your home bright and perfectly clean. Each house or apartment that they clean is treated with extra care and will give your home much needed special attention.

 Most of the apartment renters prefer to have their place cleaned on a weekly basis, alternate weekly cleans or monthly cleans. The typical areas that are included in the cleaning are the following:

·         Bathrooms – The cleaning process is from top to bottom. They will clear the room for cobwebs, clean the counter tops, and sink basins, faucets, mirrors, tub and shower. Dust the walls and floors. They will also sanitize the toilet inside and out, and finally vacuum and mop the floor.

·         Kitchen – The counter tops will be the first one to be cleaned. Wipe clean all the small kitchen appliances, then wipe and clean the splatter on your microwave. Scrubbing of stove top and greasy vent hood, clean the kitchen cabinets, table and chairs. The floor is also vacuumed and mopped for a sparkly finish.

·         Bedrooms – All the surfaces are hand wiped, the window sills, baseboards, picture frames, mirrors and all furniture in your bedroom. They also make up the bed with fresh linens. Vacuuming is also done in this area to have a fresh and clean finishing touch.

·         Living room – General dusting is made, all the surfaces, window sills, picture frames, coffee table, side tables, appliances and all furniture. Removing of cobwebs is also necessary in this area. Thorough vacuuming and mopping is also done in the living room. You can also ask them to include carpet cleaning in their services if you prefer your carpet to be cleaned as well.

All apartment cleaning services is highly dedicated to provide 100% satisfaction and high quality cleaning service to their clients at a very affordable cost. They will give you the best cleaning service and provide solutions for all your house cleaning needs. In that way you can enjoy more of your free time and can focus on much more important things in your life, and most especially spending time with your family.