20 Doable House Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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20 Doable

Tips and Tricks

For Home Cleaning

Most Americans have spent almost forty minutes cleaning their homes every day on an average. And with the exception of those who actually find cleaning their baseboards and scrub off their stoves and ovens parallel to happiness, most people are eager to use this time for more fun activities or just by taking a power nap.

It can be challenging to maintain a clean home, particularly when children, house pets and work in full-time are put into the mix. Regardless of whether you're a young, single adult who starts in your first flat or a busy mother who tries to balance her career, monitor the house bills, look after the kids your home needs to be cleaned and organized. However, if you have too much on your plate already, you can always consider hiring cleaning service professionals to help you with the cleaning.

Let’s admit it, not many of us are frenzied about doing all of these cleaning chores. But we can all be of the same page that spring cleaning must be tackled. Some cleaning tasks can, however, be particularly infuriating simply because they need a lot of time, effort and patience - and can be a little bit messy.

As luck would have it, we found some doable ingenious house cleaning tips and trick that can certainly make your life easier in cleaning your home, and it will make you home twice as clean in no time.

Using Salt in Cleaning Cast Iron

·         If the food builds up in the pan overnight or there are some bits stuck - use coarse salt to clean cast iron pans, splash of water and a paper towel to wipe it all off. Brassy scrubbing will damage your pan and will keep your food from sticking every time you cook.

Clean Your Coffee Maker with Vinegar

·         Vinegar rinsing should be done monthly. Simply add a few tablespoons of white vinegar mixed with water to your coffee maker’s reservoir, turn on the maker to mix all the solution, then run it with water to get rid of the lingering smell of the vinegar.

Cleaning the Microwave with Lemon

·         Get rid of that unpleasantly sticky substance that lingers into your microwave, by using lemon juice. This is a very natural way of cleaning your oven and it will definitely come out sparkling clean.

Cleaning Horizontal Blinds

·         For cleaning and dusting horizontal blinds, use your kitchen tongs and a microfiber. Wrap both sides of the tongs with your microfiber cloth, and then you are good to go.

Cleaning Your Cookie Sheets

·         You probably don't feel like Martha Stewart by hitting brown smudges at the bottom of your cookie sheets. To rectify this problem, combine 1⁄4 cup baking soda with a little hydrogen peroxide. Rub it in small circles on the bottom of the cookie sheet. Rinse and be amazed at your sparkling cookie sheet after a couple of hours.

Cleaning Sticky Surface

·         Have you tried scrubbing a sticky spot and yet it only leads to spreading the stickiness? The best way to remove this tenacious stickiness is by mixing together 1⁄4 cup coconut oil and 1/2 cup bakery soda. Rub it over the sticky area and it should come right off. For future messes, and stickiness save the mix in a glass container.

Removing Grease in Your Fabric

·         If the grease is in fabric, rub a chalk over it. Then let it sit for approximately three minutes. Take a humid towel and wipe the area and your fabric will now be grease-free.

Cleaning Your Sponges

·         Sponges are the ideal home for unpleasant bacteria. There’s no need for you to throw your sponges to get rid of this bacteria. Just simply put your sponge in the microwave for about two minutes, and around 99% of the bacteria will be killed by heat.

Cleaning the Grout

·         Don't let the dirty grout make your house look messier than it was. Clean your grout by mixing 3/4 cups of baking soda and 1/4 cup of bleach. Use a toothbrush and spread the mixture over your grout.

Cleaning Your Kids Toys

·         It's not fun to scrub children's toys, and it takes time to go through a worthy toy box. Gather all your children's plastic toys in the washing machine instead of doing it by hand. In a short cycle, add vinegar and wash them. As far as there are no flimsy toys, they will be clean and germ-free in no time.

Cleaning The Grater While Cooking

·         Hitting two birds with one stone. If you need to clean your cheese grater, grab a potato and start grating. Potatoes contain oxalic acid, which removes build-up on the grater. Once you are done, you might as well cook up some hash browns.

Make Your Sink Features Sparkly Clean by Using Wax Paper

·         Polish these faucets and the tap handles with wax paper after sanitizing with an antibacterial cleanser. This helps not only to remove water spots, but also to prevent further staining.

Clean Your Baseboards With A Dryer Sheet

·         It's nothing but fun to get on your hands and knees to clean your baseboards. They can be kept clean, and your home can smell fresh with a doable smart trick: place a dryer sheet on your Swiffer instead of a microfiber, and collect all the unwanted stain and lend your home a sweet aroma.

Keep Your Mattress Fresh With Baking Soda

·         The bacteria and allergy causing dust on your bed can still be reduced in no time. Sprinkle a baking soda onto your mattress at least once a month. Allow the baking soda to absorb the odor for a couple of hours, vacuum the mattress lo and behold, you already have a cleaner, dust-free mattress!

Dust Your Surfaces Using Sticky Lint Roller

·         Getting rid of the hair all over the place, picking up the glitter that your child spilled, dusting of your pet’s hair could be very annoying and too much hassle for you. To easily clean them, use a sticky lint roller and let it do the trick.

Clean Your Wooden Cutting Boards

·         If you have a wood cutting board at home, you can clean it up with soap, however the food particle that is stuck in there can hardly be cleaned out. To clean your wood cutting board thoroughly and get rid of those difficult stains, cut half a lemon and sprinkle some kosher salt to your board. Rub the lemon on the board. The mixture helps removes particles that are stuck in the cracks. Rinse off your board and presto you have a freshly cleaned cutting board! Know more about the wonders of using lemon here.

Leather Cleaning

·         Leather is one difficult thing to clean. Leathers are sensitive and are aging fast; it can be ruined when the cleaning is not done properly. Leather is hard to clean, aging fast. However, with a few shoe polishes, you can refresh any leather furniture. Just dab a few amount of high quality polish into the furniture and let it spread. Scratches and marks will be removed from the surface.

Unclogging Your Sink

·         Here’s a life-saver tip if ever you ran out of Drano to unclog your sink. To unclog drains, pour once cup of vinegar and four Alka-Seltzer tablets into your sink. Let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse the sink with hot water and you already have a clog-free sink!

Cleaning Carpet Stains

·         You need not to run out and rent a cleaner to remove the hard stains in your carpet. You can use your iron and a damp washcloth to remove the stain. Wet the washcloth but make sure it is not too soggy, place it on the desired stain and run over the cloth with iron. The steam breaks the stain and cleanses the satin and will leave your carpet clean and stain-free.

Make Your Plate Look As Good As New

·         You probably hate the scratches in your plate from the knives and fork. To have scratch-free plates, you can use baking soda. Just mix baking soda and water to make a paste. Rub it into the scratches and in no time, your plates will look brand new again. Know more about the wonders of using baking soda here.

Sabrina Nalo