Here’s What to Look For in Hiring Maid Service in Seattle

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Is cleaning your home stressing you out? Are you tired of doing all the big chores? No time to clean your home? Maybe you have spent a day or even more making your house look spotless and imposing cleanliness throughout your home just to make it look like all the other homes that you are seeing in home magazines or online. You have this feeling that you are just about to lose it and go cray cray doing all these cleaning stuff and by the time you are about to go to bed, you are already physically and mentally exhausted.

Whether you are a high profile business woman, or a stay at home mom or dad, everyone should be in a position to relax and have some leisure time once in a while and let someone else do the work for you. It not only helps you save time, but it also gives you a little peace of mind that you deserve.

There are several good reasons to choose a cleaning service; they can perform cleaning according to the needs of their clients. They make sure that the home owners will come home happy and satisfied with their work.

Hiring a Cleaning Service can actually save you money – yes actually it does. I know what you are thinking; How does hiring a professional cleaner save me money? On an average, people actually spend $500 to $800 every year on a variety of cleaning supplies. This figure doesn’t factor in the time that is required to get your house really clean. A home cleaning service can set you back anywhere from $100 to $150 every month or less depending on the size of your home. You can definitely get discounts and save around $5 to $10 per cleaning. So technically, hiring a cleaning service is money well spent.

As you take the time to find the right person or company to entrust your home to and do the cleaning, here are factors to consider:

Know the Location

You should think about this first thing when you hire cleaning facilities. Make sure your cleaning maid is near your home or company. This helps to make their work more efficient and effective. If you need them, you can call them in just a few minutes to get to your premises. Hiring far away cleaners can cause disadvantages for both sides in areas such as transport costs and time.

Bonding, Insurance and Worker’s Compensation

It is common to assume that most cleaning service company carry accident insurance and robbery protection. Many self-employed maids believe that they are covered by your own home insurance policies, but sometimes they are actually not covered all by your insurance. Whenever you hire a cleaning staff member, seek a reputable organization who can assure you that their staffs are trusted and insured. A company should be willing to tell you if they have this coverage and provide copies of their policies at your request. Know that this increases the costs of operating a service company and therefore the rates per hour or per job are higher. This level of assurance is valuable, especially as you let someone into your home and can eventually be on the hook for anything that goes wrong.


When hiring a cleaning company, make sure to ask what criteria there are using to hire to ensure that their employees are honest and credible. Cleaners are often in your home or offices and people who have access to your things should be trusted. Make sure you employ a hardworking employee and most especially trustworthy cleaners.

Agree on the Cost

Make sure you agree on the costs of their services before hiring professional cleaners. Ensure also that your fees and the criteria they use to charge are clear. Certain charges like, per hour, week and month. Bear in mind that there are different quotes for different companies. Different quotations from different companies are therefore available and you must go for one that matches your budget. However, don't settle for the least affordable cleaning services. Hire a company which you think is going to offer the best services.

Check the Reputation

Choose a company that is well known. A company that has a good reputation has a good reviews and feedback from satisfied clients and they can attest that they are happy with their work. Therefore, before employing a company you should ask for references, check for reviews and carry out supporting investigations. This will also give you an overview of what you are going to expect of the company. If a company has most bad reviews then that’s definitely a red flag.

Get Referrals

It can be difficult for you to identify a good cleaning company. Ask your friends, family, employees, and neighbors for referrals using cleaning services. They can be a great help for you in choosing which company to hire. Ask them about the quality of their work. Great companies always receive positive feedback. Don't miss this stage when you hire a cleaning service company, as it will lead you to a good company after all. Click here for top cleaning services in Seattle with reviews.

Experience & Accreditation

For how long have they been operating? Does the company have awards or accreditation? These are the things you need to consider asking. Because it makes you feel confident that the company you are considering hiring is trustworthy and a reputation for it. There are few companies that has a bad reputation, they close down and re-open using other name, or just re-branding. So, checking in to these factors lends to the probability to a company's desire to remain in good standing and impression with their clients.

Services Offered

Ask what level of services they are offering, depending on what you want them to do. If you can modify it and hire someone to come and tick a group of things out of your to-do list, or if you get the same service, every time you visit, no matter what you want, or if you can combine it. Cleaning service companies offer a wide range of choices to choose from. You just have to figure out what suits your needs and lifestyle.

Cleaning Supplies

In order to save customer time and cost, many companies are offering cleaning products and equipment. The cleaners are trained to make effective use of them. Commercial cleaners, natural cleaning products, famous brands or their own private labeling products may be the types of products used. Some companies request that the customer provide them the supplies, to clean the home with their favorite and preferred cleaning products.

Sabrina Nalo