Experiencing Belgian Fest

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Have you ever been to a Beer Fest? Are you a Beer Advocate? Who doesn’t love brewing beers? Most of us do, of course. The world is full of beer lovers. This just in, The 10th Annual Belgian Fest is about to happen soon and it will be happening in one of the coolest places in Seattle, the Fisher Pavilion. Surely, you’ll love the atmosphere here! It’s time to brew awesome beer. You wouldn’t miss it for the world, would you?

What is actually happening in Belgian Fest? This event is actually for all the enlightened drinkers in Seattle! Specifically, craft beer lovers! Overnight discussion about craft beer is very uncommon. This kind of event actually is not just a festival for the brewers, but they consider it as a culture. They want to keep the energy and keep the brewers coming and of course, to showcase their masterpiece. That’s why they really make special events like this Fest.

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Well, pour yourself a cold beer while learning more about craft beers.

First, what is beer? As one would expect it’s an alcoholic beverage made by fermentation of grain. Mostly, people gorge themselves on beer, that why it’s the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. Can you imagine it is the third most popular drink other than just water and tea!

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What makes craft beer so special than the regular ones? Well, let me say, craft beers are assiduously perfected by “Gods” or the “Brewmasters” The ingredients used in this craft beer are of the highest quality and most particularly, the beer is at its purest. Most craft beer is brewed using the following ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. But of course, it still depends on the type of beer, wheat, rye or fruits can be used as well.

Substantially, craft beer is just more developed, creative and perfected. So there’s no doubt that the brewmaster can perfect their awesome beer recipes!

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Of course, there are other types of beers all over the world.

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Belgium is not just known for their best delectable chocolates and waffles. Some of us may know that Belgium is one of the greatest beer brewing nations, and the country is also well-known bringing forth great number of beer styles.

I must say that true beer lover may only encounter the full Belgian craft beer movement in beer festivals. Good thing the Belgian Fest is here in Seattle!

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One of the highlights in Belgian Fest is the fascinating beer culture of Belgium by exhibiting more than 80 Belgian-style beers crafted by Washington breweries. This is an excellent opportunity to taste them all. But of course you don’t want to get drunk in this event, right? Dubbels, Tripels, Abbeys, Wits, Tangy Saisons and Lambics are some of the featured beer styles that were brewed with Belgian yeast and I’m sure you don’t want to miss them out.

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Here are some best Belgian beers that are notable to many and will be poured in the Belgian Fest.

1.       Dubbels  – Also known as “double”. A Belgian Trappist rich and malty beer. It is also likely to show a hint of a sweet caramel flavor from the use of crystal malt or dark candy sugar. Sounds sweet right? Dubbel’s ABV (Alcohol by Volume) range is 6% - 7.6%

2.       Tripels – These are one of the interesting beer styles. The name comes from the Low Countries and also it refers to the amount of malt used to make the beer. Tripel’s ABV (Alcohol by Volume) range is 7.5% – 9.5%

3.       Abbeys – originally this kind of beer is applied to any monastic-style beer. It may be produced by a non-Trappist monastery or branded with the name of a non-existent abbey by a commercial brewer. Abbey’s ABV (Alcohol by Volume) range is 7% – 8%

4.       Wits – Wit means “white” This is a Belgian style witbier brewed using either unmalted wheat, oats, and malted barley. It is spiced with coriander and orange peel. They are often referred to as “white beers”. This one tastes orangey and quite healthy! Wit’s ABV (Alcohol by Volume) range is 4% – 7%.

5.       Saisons – Came from the French word “season”. These kinds of beer are pale ale, and were primitively brewed in the early spring, for summer devouring. Traditionally, Saison was brewed with low alcohol levels, but the modern production has it styled to high levels of alcohol. Saison’s ABV (Alcohol by Volume) range is 5% - 8.5%.

6.       Lambics – these types of beers are distinct. It’s the weirdest and oldest beer style in the world. It’s been brewed in and around the ordinary corner of Brussels for more than 500 years and can’t be produced anywhere else. These kind of beers are not for everyone. Skilled artisans are capable to blend these different lambics from different locations and production years to create exclusive gueuzes. Sounds old and interesting right? Lambic’s ABV (Alcohol by Volume) range is 5% - 6.5%.

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Are you feeling buzzed yet? Hope not! Drinking craft beer they say is good for your health and it tastes better and has more choices. But of course, everything should be taken in moderation.

Let’s just hope that everyone who will be attending the Fest will not come home intoxicated. But in the event that you enjoyed the booze, devoured yourself with those crafted beers and come home drunk, the worse thing that’s going to happen if you’re going to throw up and that absolutely will make a mess in your home. Worry no more, because your local Seattle Cleaning Company, Seattle’s Green Cleaning Fairy got you covered! They are 100% Safe Green Cleaning Services. The Green Cleaning Fairies will absolutely take over all the mess and will make sure that your house is clean and fresh as ever.

Seattle is Washington State’s largest city. There are wide ranges of venues for any events and surely, you’ll love living in Seattle!