The Best Neighborhood in Seattle 2019

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Let me tell you more about Seattle…

Living in Seattle is great! For some, this city is a perfect sanctuary and a vibrant city. Seattle is the chief city of Washington state. This city is also the major port of entry, air, and sea gateway to Asia and Alaska. Seattle is also a city of noticeable neighborhoods and urban districts.

Seattle’s weather is pleasant, with cool summers and mild winters. The weather here has a way of affecting every phase of living in this city.

The neighborhood is one of the best things to consider moving to Seattle!

Want to find out the coolest neighborhood in Seattle? Here are the places Seattleites want to live most.

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1. Capitol Hill - This is one of Seattle’s hippest neighborhoods. It’s a worthy place to hang out. Capitol Hill is well-known for its diverse community. This neighborhood has vibrant music, arts scene, and absolutely amazing parks. Capitol Hill is also overloaded with hip bars, diners, gay clubs, and cool indie shops and of course, serene coffee shops. Capitol Hill is tediously populated; this is one of the city’s eye-catching nightlife and entertainment districts, and also the center of LGBT communities.

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2. Ballard - This neighborhood offers you so many things to do. If you love to explore, party, eat and shop then you’ll absolutely love Ballard. Ballard is known for its Scandinavian heritage and its hip-scenic waterfront neighborhood with contemporary restaurants, snappy indie shops, and cool bars and craft breweries. Ballard Avenue is a certified historic district, and because this is known to be the center of cities maritime industry, the restaurants specialize in seafood. You’ll also look forward to visiting Ballard Avenue because this is where you’ll find chick cocktail bars, a collection of neighborhood pubs and also live music venues. There is also a very walkable Market Street which serves as the neighborhood’s business district. Ballard Avenue is your go-to place for specialty gift shops and home decors.

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3. Queen Anne - This neighborhood in Seattle is a mix of commercial focal points and residential streets, located in the northwest of downtown. Queen Anne is known for its exquisite craftsman homes and one of the closest neighborhoods in Seattle. Lower Queen Anne back up to the Seattle Center which includes the famous Space Needle, Key Arena and Science Center. This neighborhood is also known to be the spinal cord of the city as it runs straight through the middle and this is where most of the important stuff happens. There are also tons of cool local restaurants and bar here in this neighborhood.

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4. Downtown Seattle - Downtown Seattle! This is the city’s beating heart! Known for being the central business district of Seattle. Downtown is a cool place to live too, with its rich history and vibrant culture of course. If you love Skyscrapers, this place is one of the best, overlooking Elliot Bay in Seattle. Downtown is also the place to be if you are looking for an endless activity, love being surrounded by fascinating people and loves to see something new every day. There are theaters and performance halls for every type of entertainment, to name a few there’s 5th Avenue Theater, Paramount, and Showbox. If you’re wanderlust, you’ll love to spend your afternoon on the piers on the waterfront or go sailing at Let’s Go Sailing or take a tour on an Argosy cruise boat. Surely, you would not miss seeing the view of the whole city, The Smith Tower offers rides up to the observatory deck.

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5. Pike Market Place - This is the famous public market overlooking Elliot Bay waterfront in Seattle. It’s the city’s first and largest farmers market. The market is one of the oldest frequently operated public farmers’ market in the United States. The Pike Place Market is also listed on the National Register of Historic Place. This place is a well-known spot for tourist and locals as well. There’s so much to love about this place, plenty of fresh produce stalls, stands full of fruits and vegetables. The people consider this place like home to a number of fish markets, butchers, bakeries, flower shops, dairy products and an extensive range of restaurants.

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Best of Seattle - Fremont.jpg

6. Fremont - They call this place as the “center of the universe” in Seattle because of its creative cuisine, off-the-wall shops and exemplary attractions. Fremont is also the headquarters of the legendary Adobe Systems, Google and Getty Images which I guess we are all familiar with. Along with this, with Fremont’s magnificent restaurants, pubs and clubs, wide range variety of living choices for your homes, condos or town-homes this is a marvelous place to call home.

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Best of Seattle - Pioneer Square2.jpg

7. Pioneer Square - If you love art galleries, cozy coffee shops and stylish bars Pioneer Square is the place to be in Seattle. This was once noted as Seattle’s heart of the city located in the southwest corner of the city. This neighborhood is lined with exquisite historic buildings and green tall trees. You’d love to stroll the cobblestone streets and see alluring architecture and cool outdoor art, go shopping in hippie boutiques and art galleries, and definitely, you’ll love eating at great local restaurants.

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Best of Seattle - Alki Beach.jpg

8. Alki Point - This neighborhood is located in the West Seattle. The most fascinating spot in Alki Point is the famous lighthouse. This place also offers astounding beach views and distinguished Seattle skyline. Many are considering living in this neighborhood because of the most talked about place, the Alki Beach, an ideal spot on a sunny day in Seattle. Most people who visit this place are astonished to know that there’s a beach at all.

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Best of Seattle - Green Lake.jpg

9. Green Lake - Green Lake is a freshwater lake located in north central Seattle. If you are fond of Cherry Blossom, you’ll certainly love this place. This neighborhood is one of Seattle’s most beloved parks. Most people spend their summer here; this is a nice place to stroll especially during fall when trees are vibrant and beautiful. The best thing here in Green Lake is the breathtaking view of the sunset.

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10. Belltown - This neighborhood is a central Seattle district brimming with world-class art, stylish shops, contemporary dining options, high-rise condominiums, hippie bars, and eateries. Belltown acquires its reputation as one of the sophisticated suburbs in Seattle.   You can visit the Museum of Pop Culture, Olympic Sculpture Pop, Chihuly Garden and Glass, these are just a few of Seattle’s best places. Belltown has its own extraordinary personality and hip vibe which attracts the tourists. This neighborhood is more of urban downtown buzz but still close to Mother Nature.

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Know you have an idea about the best neighborhood in Seattle, I guess you’ll consider visiting these awesome places. There’s so much to love about Seattle!

Sabrina Nalo