Top 10 Pizzeria in Seattle


Why is pizza so popular and loved by so many people? What is it with pizza that gives a drool to people? Some say that pizza is life, because there's nothing better than catching a nice cheesy pizza and a couple of your favorite drinks with your friends or family.

The other reason why pizza appears to be so addictive could be even simpler: cheese. If you like cheese, you are definitely going to love pizza! Goat cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, name it, you can surely put it on a pizza.

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The cheese's craving - inducing properties come from an ingredient called casein, a protein found in all dairy products. When we digest this protein, the receptors involved in pain control, reward and addiction release casomorphins that stimulate opioid receptors. Too much for a scientific explanation, huh?

Depending on the ingredients, the size and texture, pizza comes in a very large variety of flavors. Unlike many other foods, it is most likely that everyone will find something they like. Pizza is not that much expensive dish. It's quite affordable for the vast majority of people in many countries. You can buy a piece or two, or a whole box just for you!

Pizza is everywhere. In Seattle, pizza places are throughout the city. These are not the only whole restaurants dedicated to the favorite food of everyone; there are also restaurants that serve pizza every day.

Pizza is versatile. You can go to a lovely restaurant and order a scrumptious fancy, decked out pizza of forty dollars. But you can also stay home and order a pizza of twenty dollars with bread-sticks and enough fat to fix your kitchen cabinet.

Seattle may not be famous for its pizza, but the pizza situation in the city has changed tremendously. And most people are super glad about these half - dozen new places.

In view of the huge pizza developments that have been experienced by the city. Even great Moguls such as Tom Douglas, with three Serious Pie branches, and Ethan Stowell, with three Ballard Pizza Company editions, are entering into the process. Capitol Hill had 5 new pizza spots in the past year. Here are the Seattle’s top 10 Best Pizzerias.


1.   Italian Family Pizza

1028 Madison St., Seattle

The interior is not fantastic, but with this good pie, it doesn't need to be. The tomato sauce isn't too salty, not too sweet. If you are not a fan of white pie, clams, or garlic, this is no good for you but if you are, then you have to try the combination here and definitely this place is just right for you. In just right amounts of toppings are used: not too crowded, not too scarce. The crust, which is somewhat thicker than Neapolitan, is pretty perfect with just the right amount of salt and blackened bubbles.


2.   Dino’s Tomato Pie

Capitol Hill 1524 E. Olive Way, Seattle

This trapezoidal bar and pizza on olive doles with traditional round pies, but you will definitely want to go for the square cut pieces of the New Jersey-inspired Sicilian-style thick crust, but the inch of crust is bubbled with air, not heavy. The base is burnt and the outer edges of the caramelized cheese give a bonus.


3.   The Masonry

20 Roy St., Seattle

A small range of quality classics and a wide selection of vinyl records

Who doesn’t love Pizza with beer? The pie in The Masonry is just the size of a bicycle tire with delightful toppings sitting in a puddle of pepperoni grease and the pitcher is usually a watered-down lager. Opened almost four years ago, The Masonry offers a wide range of handmade beers with three classical pizzas, including a margherita, sausage and mushroom, as well as seasonal snacks, such as bacon, tomato beef steak, roman roast, asiago, grana Ted Danson and the like. Making it the so called “The Good Place” in the neighborhood.


4.   The Independent Pizzeria

4235 E Madison St, Seattle

Tiny beach side spot with epic Neapolitan pies. The toppings are almost attractive, but also too good to eat, with their perfect charred crust and skillfully assembled toppings; go ahead and order the number of their prosciutto, Grana, fiore di latte, which has a crisp, summery feel from the mound of rockets. Given the location on the Indie beach, this pizzeria is the perfect choice.


5.   Ballard Pizza Co.

5107 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle

"Fat slices" from Seattle's most prolific chef. This pizzeria offers New York style pizza in both whole pie and fat slices. Ballard Pizza Co, has three different locations with delivery to Ballard, Fremont, and South Lake Union. House pies comes in 14 or 20 inch long, including the Whole Hog with salami, guanciale, prosciutto and spicy coppa. Salumi with Zoe’s Meats salami, fennel pollen, and fennel. Margherita with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. And lastly, Staple & Fancy with pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeño, just to name a few. They also offer local craft beers, children pits, chill movie nights, and private dining space and more.


6.   Rocco’s

2228 2nd Ave, Seattle

This pizza-by-the-slice joint in Belltown has a long round bar, exposed brick walls, an outline and a large collection of art. The pies in this place, is not so thin as it is extra crispy. It is cheesy and salty, and an excellent hangover food. Rocco's has an impressive list of Belgian ales and handmade beers in draft.

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7.   Veraci Pizza

7320 35th Ave NE, Seattle

Veraci Pizza features their secret recipe with a delicious ultra-thin artisan crust. Every load of dough is hand-made in a bowl, and never by machine. You will absolutely enjoy yourself munching your freshly made pizza in no time, with a 3 minute baking time or less! This pizzeria became a mainstay pizza destination at the eastern edge of Ballard where the wood-fired Neapolitan-style offerings that you surely wouldn’t miss.


8.   Serious Pie

316 Virginia St, Seattle

This chainlet of Tom Douglas includes carved pizzas with a solid, chewy base to provide serious toppings. Seasonal ingredients such as smooth and earthy pesto, shining next to conventional ingredients. However, diners who were tempted to leave the Margherita box were to follow this instinct. Nevertheless, you'll want to spend your clams on a pie, fresh and diced from Penn Cove, one of the leading bivalve suppliers of Puget Sound. I bet you wouldn’t miss this pie.



9.   World Pizza

672 S King St, Seattle

This completely vegetarian pizzeria appears to be odd in the International District, but it is indeed a gem. They've also got a selection of pies that do something almost impossible; make you forget they’re vegetarian. Per the locals, just make sure to try their veggie pepperoni and see what the fuss all about is.


10.        Primo Pizza Parlor

1106 8th Ave, Seattle

A Historic space where it's almost always happy hour. A great selection of classic pies, such as the Italian fennel sausage, which contains peppers and mushrooms, or a prosciutto paste that get the mess of rogues, cherry tomatoes and the oil that is packed up when it comes down from the stove, is served here in this underrated spot and anciently looking hotel.

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Sabrina Nalo