How To Decorate Room With Simple Things

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Bedrooms are not just for sleeping. For us to relax and unwind from our busy schedules, bedrooms have developed into comfortable getaways. Your bedroom should be an oasis for you. It's the place in your home where you relax and be your comfort while you fall asleep, and it's the space where you wake up to start a brand new day. The bedroom requires a sense of peace, luxury and harmony, whether it is decorated in a traditional or contemporary style.

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Have you ever been in a room that feels good? This is usually because it works well with a simple design. But it's harder to create a simple design than it looks-especially in bedrooms. One easy way to start is to appeal to the senses in your bedroom. No room is more central to your comfort and well-being, and everything in it should be designed to please your senses. It is your sanctuary and luxury must really be the focus on everything in this particular space. You don't have to accommodate others; the bedroom is your comfort and calm.

Even if nobody ever sees it, your bedroom should still be your style and feel like a place where you want to relax. It’s your silent sanctuary. It's your private space to completely recharge, relax or escape everyone, so make sure you're really looking forward to spending time here. We have plenty of bedroom ideas to inspire you, no matter how bold you want to go, how large your space is or what your design preference is.

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Let’s all be honest, most of us don't know what to do with our rooms. All those great ideas that Google gives us when we look for room decor ideas are not something we can achieve without shelling out all our money. But it does not mean that you cannot achieve your dream room and just give up on the thought of having a comfy room that you want to live in, right? So, here are some lists of ideas that can help you change the looks of your room with simple things.

Customize your interior decor to make it even unique and special. Small accents such as metal prints or custom pillows that incorporate family photos, friends and favorite places leave your home full of love and warmth.

Loosen Things Up

Introduce many different textures for a more robust look and feel when you stick to a neutral color family. Loose linens create an effortlessly chic bed situation while the ancient floor mirror and structural pendant light dress up. Click on this link for more bedroom color ideas.

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Work your walls

Create a wall gallery to bring some personality to your room. Mix and match your favorite paintings, favorite pictures, quotations and wall decoration for your preferred unique look. It doesn't have to be complicated to fill a wall with stylish décor. Paint simple designs on canvases, such as strips or polka dots, and then frame them to create a chic wall.

Play with Colors

Love your neutral room, but would you like a little jazz? Toss a brightly colored blanket under your duvet cover, try adding a printed pillow or perhaps even paint a bold wall like a dark strip of teal. Live any room with a painted wall of shadow. Create a scalloped pattern using similar colored paints, like pastel to navy blues. A better way of giving your room a fun pop of color without being too overwhelming is to color block the wall by repainting only the bottom half of it.

Light it up

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Fairy lights can light a switch on your room. Even if it’s not holiday season, you can use and hang your Christmas lights in your room to light it up. It can create a welcoming and magical ambiance that we can’t help but want to be around and chill. Fairy lights in combination with liquor bottles give you the perfect table lamp and your room will shine. There are lots of ways to add these string lights in your room, from bed canopies, headboards and even on jars.

Sleeping with plants

There are countless advantages of plants at home in general and in a bedroom in particular. They make your bedside table look more alive and brighter. By filtering indoor air pollutants, plants in your room help purify the air. For your mantle, side table and desk, design your own terrariums full of succulents. Succulents are popular for one reason, they look unique, hippie, and are easy to handle. Here are some bedroom plants that can improve your sleep.

Warm your room with bean bag

You surely know that bean bags are enjoyable pieces of art that simultaneously act as comfy seats and casual decor. For most rooms in your home, this type of furniture is great and can fit almost any situation. A bean bag in one corner of your room provides you with a warm edge. Maybe it's your room and your bean bag, but you don't have to curl on such furniture. They can also make an ideal place for your friends to crash if they end up in your house on a short-notice.

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Dress up the dresser

The addition of a statement-making display on top of your storage draws attention away from overfilled drawers. This home takes full advantage of a hanging poster and stainless steel bookends but also framed family pictures.

Wooden Headboard

In any bedroom, the headboard is a vital element. Of course, having one is not absolutely essential, but it is a detail that can complete or change the decoration in a variety of ways. It can be difficult to make a decision if there are so many different options, designs, and styles to choose from. Use your woodwork skills for this idea of a DIY bedroom - great for a main bedroom or guest room. Choose a beautiful type of wood such as cherry, oak or maple.

Use a statement mirror

Mirrors not only reflect light and make rooms feel bigger (a nice touch for small bedrooms), but it also add a touch of luxury to a metallic frame and it will also make for a great accessory for your room.

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Add fresh flowers

Aren’t the flowers great? They make a fantastic gift, they are natural and beautiful and they make people smile. These wonders of nature can do much more for you and your room. What some fresh peonies do on your nightstand will surprise you. If you have a neutral bedroom, this is especially important. Just add the weekly colorful blooms to keep it alive.

Decorating your room is one way to show your character and personality and create an environment that feels more like you and can also be shared with your friends when they come and visit. And you will be surprised on what simple things can do wonders in your room.

Sabrina Nalo