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Thinking on how to spend you afternoon around Seattle? You should try visiting the MoPOP or the Museum of Pop Culture, the music museum for science and technology, known formally as the EMP. The way to take a relaxing trip to downtown without the worries of traffic or car park is to hop on the link light rail from SeaTac airport station, just one block from Seattle Southside Visitor Centro. MoPOP is located directly beside the Space Needle and is crossed by the Seattle Center Monorail.

More about MoPOP

The Museum of Pop culture or MoPOP is a museum devoted to contemporary folk culture. This is a non - profit museum. In 2000 it was founded as the Experience Music Project by Microsoft's co - founder Paul Allen. Since then, MoPOP has been organizing dozens of exhibits, 17 of them toured the USA and abroad.

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The Pop Culture Museum (MoPOP) takes you behind the scene, with the greatest musicians, cinemakers, innovators and game changes of our time, to explore its own creative potential, with profound exhibitions and practical experiences that bring pop culture to life. Whether it's the greatest music guitarists of all time or the scariest moments in cinema. The current exhibits include Nirvana: The Thrill of the Horror Film, The Infinite Science Fiction World, and The Universe of the Super Heroes.

The museum also offers educational and community programs for publics of all ages and interests in pop culture. Sound Off, the first competition of the region's young band! The famous Science Fiction + Short film festival is a discovery center for inspiration and learning in arts centers, mentorship programs and the teacher development. Founder Paul Allen and architect Frank O. Gehry combined their vision to create a space where artists and audiences alike can gather together to share in the popular culture of today.

A 140,000-square - foot structure made by architect Frank Gehry in shimmering sheet metal resemble a shattered electric guitar and is called by local people the "Blob." MoPOP's exterior conveys every energy and fluidity of music, combining textures and multiple colors. The outside of the building is surrounded by three thousand panels, comprising 21 thousand individually cut and formed steel and painted aluminum shingles. Their individual finishes respond to different conditions of light and seem to change when viewed from various angles, reminding the crowd of the constant development of music and culture.


What to See and Do at MoPOP

The EMP mission today is to inform and inspire visitors from every age on America's roots and future. During the process, a variety of interactive and multimedia experiences will be treated for you. You can see pieces of EMP's collection containing around 80,000 objects including stage costumes and instruments such as Bob Dylan and Kurt Cobain, popular American musical icons. In general there are one or two special exhibitions which focus on certain genres or artifacts in addition to regular exhibits and practical activities.

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The whole year is attended by workshops, children's programs, films, concerts, conferences, competitions and lectures.

The Sky Church, a dramatic hall where a video frieze spans a large wall, is part of the museum's many attractions. You can't stop to watch the enormous wall of moving lights with music for a while. The EMP Sound Lab will give you the chance to try music where each station teaches you to play guitar, drums, and keyboards quickly. It is easy to lose all the time while jamming with yourself or friends. Special exhibitions, the digital laboratory and a performance stage are also offered.

Guests visiting MoPOP stayed two to three hours in the museum learning about fun facts in every room, looking at new and old memorabilia, and remembering some of the icons and interesting lives that they had led. In a caricature filled with strange thoughts in his brain, Jimi Hendrix was especially popular with the visitors. Some did not foresee spending much more time with all the interactive options, video games and views!

Eat Up and Drink Up at MoPOP

The Museum has a restaurant and a lounge, POP Kitchen & Bar in front of the house. Pop Kitchen served salads, sandwiches and burgers, open to lunch through the happy hour. Select cocktails, beer, wine, and small dishes are served at the Bar.


Experiencing MoPOP

The highlights of the day for some visitors were the Horror Film exhibit and the possibility of getting around with interactive features in different exhibits. Most of them can see if anyone exploring this museum could have another aspect that is most appealing to them.

100 years of horror movies with villains, memorabilia, movies, film interviews, spooky statistics and a scream booth have been held in "Scared to Death." This test shows the potential of horror skill! And a lot of photo ops, of course.

People who experienced MoPOP started to get worried while they were walking through every exhibit. They have always heard how the Sound Lab is a great place to experiment with children playing various musical instruments. Some guests would say that they are definitely not a child but they must admit that they were very much looking forward to seeing everything about the Sound Lab.

Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes Exhibit

MoPOP did excellent work to include videos, costumes, graphics and advertising. So, it feels like a genuine exhibit with many facets. Moreover, they have a lot of fantastic photo ops. And a couple of elements interactive. Something really is for all!

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On the staircase outside the Marvel: Super Heroes exhibit, you can find Hulk. Then you can still see Hulk if you don't want to pay extra for that special exhibit! Oh, and there's the iconic newsstand near the exhibit's entrance you can see without a ticket.

And oh, don’t forget to visit the gift shops! The MoPOP Gift Shops are great, especially if you're a hippie or a nerdy. I mean, they are selling records in the shop. Moreover, it is a good place to get ironic T - shirts. Plus, they carry bizarre gifts.

There are a lot of cool exhibits on MoPOP. Take a look at the calendar and wait until it's a show you want to see. This is the best way to maximize the entrance fee. And while you areenjoying your day off with your family in the museum you can hire a professional cleaner so you will come home in  a spotless clean and brand new like home, If you want to avail of cleaning services in Seattle click here.

Sabrina Nalo