5 Tips On How To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Living in a home full of rugs or a wall-to-wall carpeting attracts dirt into your home. Keeping your carpet clean will really make a substantial difference in your home. Especially during summer, the kids are home, everyone’s usually home and they will be going in and out of the house every single day, can you just imagine the foot traffic that moves its way through your house? It will invite dirt, bacteria and allergens as well and it will cost you too much trouble in cleaning your carpet. Vacuuming your carpet frequently will help sustain the cleanliness of the surface, but don’t get too relaxed because there are still other toxins sneaking underneath your carpet. Dust, pet dander, molds, mites are just a few of the unhealthy particles that can damage your carpet. Knowing the best carpet cleaning method will help you get the job done.

The elimination of dirt and dust from the carpet stack can even help to restore the initial fiber color so that it looks dynamic and rejuvenated. Your floors are one of the most striking features of your whole house, and you can be sure that when you see them fantastically you will have a positive impression. You have an option to hire a carpet professional cleaner or have it clean by yourself.

Here are some easy tips that can help you keep your carpet clean

Keep the shoes outside

Many people feel awkward to ask visitors to take their shoes away from the door, but this is becoming an accepted practice. After all you just want your home to look clean. Any trouble can be overcome by providing guests with clean house slippers. Wearing shoes inside the house increases the amount of dirt, germs, toxins and harmful bacteria over your carpets. Having a “no shoes” policy in your house protects your family against these things and reduces the wear and tear of the fibers of your tapestry and carpet as well.

Have Good Doormats

One way to protect your floors and your carpets is to ensure that every time your guests arrived and even the people in your household, wipes their shoes on all the entries into your home. It may even be good to have two at each entrance, one at the outside, and one inside, to wipe your shoes off without messing, especially during the winter, when snow and salt and slush are a big mess. Keeping mats inside and outside of your doors will total reduce the amount dirt and mud that can go over your house.

 Sweep and Vacuum Often

Make sure you continue to clean on your floors every day. It'll be more difficult to get rid of the dirt if you just let it sit in. The pollen and dust that come indoors will cling to us or our pets through open windows and every time our doors will open or close. That's why vacuuming your carpet should be done twice a week, and you'll see it will make a huge difference if you vacuum your carpet regularly. The proper way of vacuuming has also an impact on keeping your carpet clean, you need to go over each spot on your carpet 8 to 12 times depending on how much foot traffic the area gets, and you need to vacuum in all different directions to get the most dirt in your carpet. You don’t want your carpet just to be clean, right? You want it to smell good too. With that, sprinkle some baking soda over your carpet before you vacuum, it will keep your carpet smelling fresh longer.

Remove the stains immediately

The longer you let the spills, food or pet stains sit on your carpet, it would be harder for you to clean it up and the more damage they will cause on your carpet. Stains can become permanent if you will not give action as soon as possible. And you have to keep in mind that there are different materials and types of stains which require various clean-up techniques, so make sure you use the right stain remover for your carpet.

Annual Deep Cleaning

When it comes to protecting your carpet nothing beats a proper deep cleaning. Getting your carpet deep cleaned by a professional cleaner is one of the necessities that you should consider to promote a long and complete life span of your carpet. Professional cleaning will help your carpet look and feel new for more years to come, together with your usual vacuuming, spot or stain removal. If your carpet is well-maintained, you can save money in the long term by reducing the frequency that your carpet has to be replaced. This is particularly true for those who have an extended family with frequent visitors and high foot traffic in their home, because in a less time you can see more wear and tear on your carpet.

When your carpets are clean, bright and fresh without a doubt it will look good, smell good and certainly it will make your home looking fresh and have a nicer ambiance, who wouldn’t want that in every home, right? And also, well maintained and properly cleaned carpets will double the life of your carpet and will save you a thousand bucks.

Sabrina Nalo