Best Nightlife Scenery in Seattle

A genuine mix of nightlife options can be found in Seattle. Emerald City has endless options for a lively night out, from sexy jazz clubs to easy and light conversations. There is a neighborhood that suits your going-out style whether you're dressed for the night and want to get a craft cocktail or wear ripped jeans and drink and wants to have fun.

The nightlife scene in Seattle extends far beyond beer and bands. Seattle is often a popular cultural hub in the northwestern corner of the country for top-class musical events on national tours, Broadway performances, modern dance troupes, hot comics and avant-garde theater groups. The town also boasts local talents in all these areas, not to mention the arts scene.

Again, if you are into nightlife scenery, Seattle's got your covered with its wine bars, microbreweries, nightclubs and other establishments that get your heels up after dark whether you prefer a trendy evening with a glass of wine in hand.


4111 Stone Way N, Seattle WA, 98103


This bar is mostly the crowd’s favorite. A relaxed district with a great mixture of local beer, wine, cocktails and food (slides, chicken pot tarts and dishes with meat and cheese are fantastic). Located on the corner between Fremont and Wallingford and just a 10-minute walking distance from many other nightclubs and restaurants. The bar is open until 2 a.m. every night and is known as the place where local guests can enjoy a late night drinking with a crowd. And it’s just a 10-minute taxi or Uber ride from the center of town.


Purple Wine Bar and Cafe

1225 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

(206) 829-2280

Downtown’s front-runner when it comes to all-purpose dining. Serving exquisite American cuisines over contemporary elegance and genuine selection of wines. You will surely make a reservation in this bar and café for your client meetings, date night, business dinner, or a simple lunch or dinner with your friend. The wine tower is not only for display, you should ask for a recommendation if you are not ready to grapple with the 100-page wine list that they have. Plenty of nibbles and large plates including a children's menu for your handy offspring, it's complete with milk and soda flights. At around $15 per entrance and no happy hour, though their lunch is a bit cheaper, but this place is definitely worth the price.


Radiator Whiskey

94 Pike St #30, Seattle, WA 98101, USA

(206) 467-4268

For meat and barrel aged enthusiasts, this place is heaven on Earth. If you weren’t able to book a reservation for dinner, might as well go to the bar between 4-6 pm for their happy hour. Their specialties are to engage people of alternative cuts of meat, but vegetarians shouldn't regret the option for a single-grilled goat's cheese and soup, it will be the best you’ve ever tasted. Their smoke pig head is a must try in this place, it is mouthwatering, if you want to chance to get a free whiskey, you need to order it several days in advance.

The entire menu is perfectly combined with their large selection of whiskey and bourbon; you must try one to discover your favorite. Even their dessert is treated to boozy food-warm chocolate chip cookies or bourbon-ice cream maple pecan cake. The little room gets stuffy even in winter and you probably need to wear layers of clothes for that. They also have wine and beer that will surely fill your taste.


Trinity Nightclub

107 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

(206) 697-7702

If you are looking for the best night of your life, a hangover that is totally worth it, Seattle gives you Trinity Nightclub. This is a well-known club in the city, its Seattle’s classic. The bar is distinctively original with two level spaces, with three separate rooms, full lounge and two dance floors and a large VIP private room. In order to provide a vintage theme, the Main Room incorporates recycled elements, some from decommissioned buildings. The Blue Room consists of a blue dance floor that is bright and sparkling for a modern, nearly gaudy look. The Card Room is the Asian-style lounge. Finally, there's a more reclusive VIP room. There is separate music in all rooms. Most likely you need to check the requirements first before buying your tickets as the dress code often changes depending on the event of the club. Doors open at 9:00pm for ages 21 and up, and 10:00pm for ages 18 and up.


Q Nightclub

1426 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122, USA

(206) 432-9306

This state of the art 12,500 square feet multi-level lounge is designed as a lounge during weekdays (Wednesday and Thursday) and a party club during weekends (Friday and Saturday). The club has its own line of flavored and infused vodkas. Their bathrooms are next level bonkers. They also host world renowned DJs, local house music talent, and have an all-around solid crew of resident spinners. You can also check them for birthday or bachelorette/bachelor parties and large venue rental facilities.

Sabrina Nalo