LEVITATE: Be Immersed and Let The Gravity Of Music Take Over

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Have you ever been to a rave party or disco? Have you ever witnessed or heard of electronic dance music? Do you ever wonder why EDM is very popular nowadays? While EDM and the other music genres may seem new, it’s actually been around since the 1970’s and it’s developing over the years as a symbol of contemporary music culture. Actually this kind of music has been providing energy-charged electronic music to raving crowds for almost a decade now.

Almost every night of the week, Seattle’s stages presents a schedule of regional indie-folk artists, do-it-yourself punk bands, electronic dance music, and homegrown comedians, as well as nationally touring pop stars. To that end, choosing something for your night out can be an ominous task.

House music originated from Chicago, Illinois in the 1980s. Home music grew bigger with the Progressive House wave, after success in the mid 90's. It is known to be the most "human" sounding music in every genre. The most popular and most commonly used in the Top 40 mixes, because the tunes are attractive, up-beat and catchy. To name a few Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki and Tiesto are renowned House DJs.

Let me tell you a little background about EDM or Electronic Dance Music. EDM is a fun and fascinating genre of music. A compilation of subtypes of electronic music intended to fill the dancing crowds, including disco, synthpop, techo, house, trance music, bass and drum, dubstep, trap, and more. It seems impossible that all this could be classified simultaneously as EDM, with such a wide variety of sounds, but these sub genres have developed over the last few decades to educate and change the progressive dance culture.

The fascinating catchy rhythms and complimenting beat and sounds make it more unbelievably danceable and fun to listen to whether you're an avid listener or just someone who's beginning to wonder what kind of music it is. In today’s generation, many are enjoying this kind of music. This kind of music made a huge impact on modern artists. This genre of music is interesting and invigorating for both the crowd and artist, it’s a great style of music to pick up especially if you want to stay alive and active in the party scene. If you listen to EDM now, it is very much different experience than what listeners of electronic dance music in the 1970s, 1980s, 90s or even early 2000s have heard, and their development into a recognizable genre can be charted by understanding that their subgenres have been popularized as dance music.

House is one of EDM's most common forms. It is nearly a decade old and one of the truly American-born styles. This kind of music as I mentioned earlier, grew in Chicago, rising from the aftermath of disco and it is one of the most visible forms of EDM both within the clubs and on the mainstream. I guess each one of us is very familiar with David Guetta and Zedd who are now ruling the radio with their own house music.

Last February 1st of this year, an Electric Soul event was held in The Crocodile, Seattle where they featured some of the talented DJs — Levitate, Quackson and Sawyer James. This event is particularly made for DJ Levitate, to launch his EP or extended play record album, which was named as “Fatalism EP Launch Party”.

Levitate is well known in the EDM world. He is a breakthrough DJ and a Producer from Mexico City and he’s currently based in Seattle. For the last couple of years in the studio, the energetic Levitate has been working hard and hit the ground. His unique experience in trance music has made it possible to recognize his sound by combining the finest elements of electronic music, which blends trends with technologically infused beats.

Many producers began or gained more popularity in 2018 by attempting their hand in mid-tempo. Just as in the future bass in 2014 until 2015, these same producers have to innovate and evolve to stay ahead of the trend while being followed by desirable bandwagoners.

As a DJ, the sets by Levitate reflect the various releases he has made and are full of his own production. He also shared the with other well known EDM names like Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Gareth Emery, and the list continues.

This guy is not your typical trance producer, Levitate brings something fresh and new to the electronic music world. With his experience in the EDM scene, there’s no doubt where his talent and passion will go but there’s one thing we are sure about, Levitate is here in this music industry to stay for you to be immersed and his music will surely bring you to gravity.