5 Top Easy-Peasy DIY Cleaning Products

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Using household cleaning products that you usually buy in the store may be dangerous and toxic because most of them are loaded with harmful chemicals. According to environmental experts, the average household cleaning products actually contains about 62 toxic chemicals. Believe it or not, we are exposed to those toxic chemicals every time we are doing are chores. And many of these ingredients seen in the common household products have been linked to asthma, cancer, respiratory diseases, reproductive disorders, hormone disruption and neurotoxicity.

Household cleaners are one of the essential supplies that you must have in your home to fight all the bacteria and all, but germophobia doesn't come cheap and wasting your hard-earned money on chemical based cleaners that can be very harmful for your health, your family's health and also the health of the environment just doesn't make sense, when there are actually numerous ways to make your own cleaners, this will not only help you have a natural cleaners, it will also definitely save you more money. And for all you know the ingredients for making your own cleaning products are just at home sitting in your pantry.

If you are ready to start cleaning naturally and want to ditch those toxins and save money, here are some of the few DIYs that the home makers have to offer you.

All-Purpose Cleaner

The vinegar in your household is one of the handiest multipurpose natural cleaning products because it has a mild solution that contains 5% to 10% acetic acid that kills germs without even harming us. Vinegar is also very effective at breaking down the molds, grease, and bacteria that make up household stains all over your place.

All you need to have to make this cleaner are the following:

·         1 large spray bottle

·         1 cup of white vinegar

·         2 tablespoon of baking soda

·         1 cup of water

·         10 drops of your preferred essential oil

Add the vinegar and baking soda together to your empty spray bottle and mix well. Then add the water to fill the bottle, to finish it all up, add the essential oil, and shake it gently to mix all of them together.


Window (Glass) Cleaner

There are proper ways of cleaning your window, and you need a good cleaner to have a streak free window. This natural window cleaner won’t infuriate any allergies or may not cause any unhealthy reaction compared to the ones we usually bought in the store. One of the most powerful ingredients for window/glass cleaner is orange essential oils as it is immensely high in the chemical component which is “d-limonene” which is actually one of the best cleaning agents for glass.

All you need to have to make this cleaner are the following:

·         1 spray bottle

·         ¼ cup of white vinegar

·         ½ teaspoon liquid dish soap (natural)

·         2 cups of water

·         8-10 drops of orange essential oil

Put all the ingredients into the spray bottle and mix them meticulously then you are ready to use your all natural window and glass cleaner. Simply spray it onto any glass surfaces, and then wipe it off a few minutes at a time.


Carpet Stain Remover

We already know that vinegar is a fantastic tool for combating annoying carpet spots but it can take you to another level if you add a little baking soda.

All you need to have to make this cleaner are the following:

·         Baking soda, just enough to cover the carpet stain

·         1 tablespoon of natural liquid dish soap

·         1 tablespoon white vinegar

·         2 cups of warm water

First, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda over the stain and allow it to sit for almost 10 minutes before you vacuum it up. Mix the liquid dish soap, vinegar and water in a bowl, when thoroughly mixed, sponge the mixture onto the carpet stain using a clean dry cloth. Keep doing it again until the stain is gone.


Dusting Spray Cleaner

Dust tends to build up quickly before you even notice it that is why it is very important to keep your house dusted all the time. Most of the dust cleaners that we usually bought in the store are full of chemicals and contaminant, so having your home-made dust cleaner is a must.

All you need to have to make this cleaner are the following:

·         1 Spray bottle

·         2 tablespoons of 100% pure lemon juice

·         3-5 drops of extra virgin olive oil

·         8-10 drops of pure lemon essential oil

In the spray bottle, add all the ingredients and shake lightly to mix them all well, then spray the solution to all your dusty surfaces and wipe them off. Make sure to shake the solution every time you’re using it.


All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom is one of the resilient rooms to clean in the house; you probably need a powerful and effective cleaner to get the job done.

Here’s what you need:

·         Spray bottle

·         1 tablespoon baking soda

·         2 tbsp castile soap

·         2 cups of warm water

·         20 drops of sweet orange essential oil

·         30 drops of tea tree essential oil

Pour the warm water into the bottle, and then add the baking soda. Shake the bottle well to combine the mixture. Gently add the castile soap and essential oils, shake carefully to combine. You can use this to clean the sink, tile, tub, toilet and even the floor.

**The essential oils used in each recipe are natural and very effective. It is the best way to replace toxic cleaners with natural alternatives without sacrificing quality or spending too much money.

Sabrina Nalo