What Makes Up to Have a Dirty Home?

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Having a clean home will have a good effect on your health as well as your family’s well-being. It is important as it maintains both mental and physical health of all the people living in your home – that includes your pet. Though having a clean home does not solve your everyday problems, but it will definitely help you to be more relaxed, more in control and free of round-the-clock responsibility.

If your home is filthy and dirty, you’ll be dealing with a lot of stress and with all these the germs and bacteria are all over your place your family will be at risk of having multitude health problems too. As you know there are health care benefits of having a clean house.

But the question really is what makes up to have a dirty home? There are a lot of factors that makes up a dirty home. And below are just some of the few.


Too much stuff will result to clutter. If you have a bunch of stuff in your home, it would be hard for you to clean them all and have it organized and no matter what kind of organizing you try to do, it will not make any difference if you have too much stuff, especially when you have unnecessary stuff cluttered in your home. If you are piling up too much stuff in your home, it will just build up more dust as time goes by. If you have too much clothes in your closet, the most possible thing that can happen is your wardrobes will burst out and if you can't get anything else in, then clothing will end up either on the floor or behind a chair, because it's too hard to put away. It doesn't really matter how often you arrange, if they are jammed in your closet, they will end up being cluttered. This goes along with books, toys, shoes or anything that’s taking up the space of your home and causing too much clutter  – you need to let some of them go.


Going in and out of your home will definitely make you home dirty, especially when you are wearing a muddy shoes or a soiled slipper. You need to reduce this dirt from coming in and out of your home by putting a mat outside your door and also inside at every entrance of your home, leaving shoes at the door, do not leave your windows always open as it invites pollen and other particles inside. If you are a smoker or one of the household members is, tell them not to smoke around the house, it will not only make your home dirty because of the ashes, it will also have a severe lasting effect on your health. Cigarette smoking contains more than 7,000 chemicals and about 70 of which are known to be cancer-causing chemicals, can you imagine that? The best way for you to avoid this is to prohibit anyone form smoking inside or nearly outside your home.


You and your family are done eating, but still all these leftover dishes are still sitting in your sink. That’s gross and it will make your home dirty. Once you’re done with your meal, make sure that you do the dishes immediately. This one is very simple and easy, and by practicing this, your sink will not look messy and the contamination will be avoided as well.


Your furry friends can be as loved and treasured as members of your family, but sadly you can become sick through all those fur they leave behind. Consisting of dead-skinned microscopic bits, pet dander is may cause sneezing and sniffing, in particular to people who are allergic to pets. Your pet's fur will also cause dirt in your home, once they pile up in your furniture, fabrics and carpets.


Although papers are not usually dirty, it’s unwanted in your home especially when you have too much paper piling up, the overwhelming presence of these papers -- mails, books, magazines and even receipts scattered all over the corner can make a home look and feel messy. By keeping a small trash bin inside or outside your front door to get rid of that junk mail right away will help you keep the paper from coming in. If it’s not that important, you need to cancel any magazine subscriptions that you haven’t read in months – you can try doing it online if you really love reading magazines. Consider also clearing up the shelves and donate your old books so that you can create a space for new ones.

If you have time, decluttering your home every once in a while will be a great help in keeping your home clean and out of the dirt. At the end of the day, we all want to live in our beautiful safe haven dirt-free.

Sabrina Nalo