Top 3 Mexican Restaurants in Seattle

Have you ever had the thought of why people love Mexican food so much? Here’s the thing, no matter where you are in the country, you can always count on finding a Mexican restaurant in your city. Mexican food has always been greatly appreciated by many for its vigorous, delicious and authentic taste all around the world.

Mexican food is delicious, sophisticated, and flavorful and uses the freshest available ingredients. The dishes attracts countries around the world. A few ingredients that have been produced in Mexico include sweet potatoes, yams, tomatoes, vanilla, cinnamon, cacao, amaranth, chilies and maize. And for a long time, people used them in cooking. Mexico is in fact probably higher than any other country in terms of "food introduced into the world."

There are different types of Mexican cuisine that will make you go crazy with their incredible taste. You will find a wide variety of vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes whenever you visit Mexico. There are also many unique fresh juices from Mexico that refreshes the fantastic taste of your mind and body. Most people in Mexico enjoy non-vegetarian dishes, but there are many delicious vegetarian dishes that will make you insane.

Mexican cuisine is also known to people for its hot and spicy taste. Another surprising fact is that people in the south prefers the main ingredients which is chicken and vegetables, while on the other hand the people from the north choose to add meat to their food.

There are many other favorable reasons why Mexican food is so bizarre that even people in Seattle are going crazy and love these Mexican cuisines so much. Speaking of which, here are Seattle’s top 3 Mexican restaurants that you need to visit whenever you are in town.

El Camión Adentro

6416 15TH Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117

(206) 784-5411

El Camión is one of the best in Seattle. This restaurant started out as a taco truck – four trucks actually, one in Ballar, SoDo, North Seattle, and South Lake Union. But now they already have an established brick and mortar restaurant located in the old Zesto across from Ballard High School. The fish tacos and adobada burritos are the must try, they are the biggest draws and crowd’s favorite as it is always delicious, with tender proteins and zesty flavors. The crispy gorditas and cheesy mulitas are exceptional alternatives to the standards. Enjoy a mixture of secondary school kids, cheap bite lovers who drink beer from their bottles or tap and families take up wooden stands and patios. To-go food grabbers are glad to spend their time waiting filling small containers and playing pac-man or football with many homemade hot sauces. El Camión serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.


 Fonda La Catrina

5907 Airport Way S Seattle, WA 98108

(206) 767-2787

It is not entirely surprising that this place has the most vegetarian choices, the enchiladas de mole poblano with mushrooms are on top of the list. This constantly good Mexican food is popular throughout town. It's completely impossible to have only several dishes when you dine in here, Catrina’s servers are more than happy to offer their slightly punk rock favorites. The tacos, tamales, tortas and the enchiladas are their best bets here in La Catrina. You also need to try their lengua or champiñones. With the special cuisines which you ought not to miss, including chiles rellenos with mole that is made from scratch, and they also have a chalkboard that makes things even harder for you to choose from their menu. Fonda La Catrina serves brunch during weekends, lunch and dinner on Tuesdays through Sundays.


El Quetzal

3209 Beacon Ave S Seattle, WA 98144

(206) 329-2970

 The residents of beacon Hill are filled with fresh, genuine standards and new favorites in this unsuspected restaurant and bar. They probably would prefer to keep it all for themselves, but the traditional sandwiches with unique fillings like mashed potatoes called pambazos, and tortas are not a secret to El Quetzal. There is no messing around the "gigantes" portions, but the quality is not sacrificed for amount. The crispy fried fish tacos are lauded with apple bits of zest. The nopales (cactus) dish with chicharrones (pork skins), enchiladas in succulent sauce, and mole plate are definite stars of the menu— a lovely, fried "boat" of tortilla, which contains flavorful refreshed beans on one side is particularly adoring. Enchiladas picudas are nearly the best in the city, with spicy, tangy tortilla sauce filled with chicken. Moreover, the quesadillas are a luxury and the aguas frescos are enormous and full of chicharrones in guajillo sauce. El Quetzal are open during Monday through Thursday at 11 am to 8 pm and during Friday to Saturday they are open until 9 pm, and during Sundays they are closed.

You can taste various powerful and delicious flavors as soon as you take a bite in a Mexican dish. Mexican food has plenty of natural aromas and spices that make it boring and unpleasant.

Sabrina Nalo