When Is The Best Time To Repaint Your Home?

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Painting your home is an expeditious and easy way to freshen up your home, changing the aura and ambiance of your house completely. It increases the uprightness and appearance of what is the exceptional asset for most people, which is the look of your home and this is where good investment takes place. When it comes to the look of your home, the exterior and interior painting is the first thing that people usually notice. A fresh paint coats adds more value and makes it even more appealing for your home and makes it also a stand out in your neighborhood.

Choosing the right color of paint for your home will bring out the beauty of it and will definitely transform your house. Most color mixture can make a small room looks larger, or a large comfortable space. The option between flat, semi-gloss, and glossy finishes can also make a dramatic distinction.

Your house’s first defense against destructive elements like pests is the home’s painting. Experts would say and positively would advise that your home’s paint should always be in the best shape and condition.

When planning to paint your home, you need to consider the weather’s condition in your area. You need to plan ahead of time. You would certainly choose to do the painting job during dry days, when there is not too much rain and the humidity is low. As we all know, the paint needs enough time to dry or else they will not adhere to surfaces that are not dry.

Here are the most commonly known signs that it is the best time to repaint your home:


Most common reason why the paint is fading – Sun bleaching and water intrusion. The paint fades over time, the dark hues tend to fade faster compared to the paler shades and definitely no paint looks good when it is faded. Depending on the paints quality, it actually takes a number of years for paint to fade.


Paint is not supposed to be easily peel of, however if you used poor-quality paint it will surely result to easy peeling off and that’s a big sign that you need to repaint you home. The other factors that can cause peeling are strong sunlight exposure and hard winter. Having a peeled off paint makes your home look old and not very pleasing to the eyes, and it’s very susceptible to more damages.


If you noticed a bubble, crack or flake on the surface of your paint, it simply means that it is already dry rot, wet rot and mold. The most common causes of these are too much exposure to strong sunlight, storms, blowing sand, extreme humidity in your area and again hard winters. These three signs on your paint are more awful than a faded paint, so make sure to repaint your home when you see these signs.


Most caulks are intended for expansion with your house and contracting. Since your house is VERY exposed to harder weather cycles, caulking is losing its elasticity, just imagine those sunny days and freezing nights. Most likely it is time to call an expert to re-caulk and check for damages if you press the balls hard and resistant. Hardened caulk can definitely damage your walls, it is the best practice to replace it regularly to avoid the damage.


As you know, UV rays are one the causes for the paint to fade and after painting. It is not all the time that you always get what you want when it come to your home's paint. Usually, morphing happens -- it is when paint fades and changes color entirely or in patches and sometimes it becomes an undesirable shade. A typical case would be, when beige turned into pink in a matter of weeks when exposed to sunlight. This sign only affects the exterior painting of your home and to avoid this, ensure that the paint is an outside grade capable of withstanding UV effects.


The life expectancy of different paint brands vary. High quality lacquers have a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years, while low quality lacquers last for 5 years and below. Other signs such as bubbling and chalking usually accompany aging out, however it may not be that intense. To avoid this kind of complications, you need to immediately repaint your home when you noticed that the current paint is aging out.


Everything matters when it comes to your home, which includes the age of it. After construction, a new house gets a layer of paint to protect the walls, and contractors typically spray a paint coat over pre-primed wood. This first minimizes tension in the wooden yard, but is usually not enough to prevent swelling or shrinking. Prime the wood prior to installation if possible. This is not a sufficient single layer of paint and must be strengthened after approximately five years. Before a lot of damage happens, you need to reschedule repainting if your house is about five years old.

The first step in painting is the choice of the perfect paint for your home. Quality is an important factor in paint as well. Read here for smart tips to get a nice and even look for your home.

Sabrina Nalo